Pete Rose and A-Rod check in to the Fox Sports Image Rehab Clinic

31 10 2015

Pete RoseCould the Fox Sports outfield studio be the path back to respectability for Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez?

I’m still adjusting to the notion that someone thought two of baseball’s most disgraced players belonged on a baseball studio team. There’s Frank Thomas, regarded as one of the sport’s genuine good guys, analyzing the action along with baseball’s most notorious gambler and drug cheat.

Thomas is a valid Hall of Famer, rightly elected in 2014, his first year of eligibility. But he’s a couple notches below A-Rod and Rose in any consideration of best players ever. And they may never join him in Cooperstown because of the shame they brought to themselves and baseball. I address how the Hall of Fame should consider scoundrels in a separate post (probably tomorrow), so here I’ll just concentrate on how odd it is to see and hear them in the studio.

And I’ll speculate that Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds have called their agents, ordering them to explore broadcast deals.

Update: Rose checked out of the clinic Saturday to sign autographs at — wait for it — a Las Vegas casino. 

After the World Series, will we see Joe Buck and Troy Aikman call on O.J. Simpson from prison to provide a little commentary during the Fox football broadcasts? (Remember, Rose also did time, for cheating on his taxes. A-Rod only spent his one-year banishment in baseball jail.) More on O.J. coming shortly. Read the rest of this entry »

Eric Hosmer smashed George Brett’s team record for post-season RBI

28 10 2015

I love the good, old days, especially in baseball.

But love for the good, old days gets in the way of accurate reporting. When Joe Buck, as fierce a nostalgist as you’ll find in any broadcast booth, announced Tuesday night that Eric Hosmer had broken George Brett‘s franchise record for career post-season RBI, Buck had to note that we play more post-season rounds now (so the records from way back when supposedly mean more).

I love George Brett. I stood to applaud him in Royals Stadium (before it became Kaufman) more times than I can remember.

But let’s get the fact straight: We do have more rounds of the post-season now, but Brett played in the post-season seven different years. Hosmer is in his second post-season.

Here are the facts: George Brett drove his 23 post-season runs home in 43 games. Hosmer drove his 25th post-season run home Monday night (winning the game in the 14th inning). That was his 27th post-season game. Update: Two hours after I posted this, Hosmer got this 26th and 27th RBI in his 28th post-season games. Read the rest of this entry »