Derek Jeter’s post-season career: One of the best seasons in baseball history

14 10 2012

My Derek Jeter rookie card

Derek Jeter was rolling along with another outstanding post-season until he fractured his ankle Saturday night.

Now, if the Yankees are going to win their 28th World Series, they will have to do it without either of the sure Hall of Famers who led the way to their last five titles. Mariano Rivera, the best relief pitcher in baseball history, went down for the season earlier this year. Andy Pettitte is the last man standing from the Joe Torre dynasty, but he appears likely to fall short of Cooperstown immortality (especially if the Yankees keep wasting his outstanding post-season starts this year).

With Jeter unable to add further to his many post-season records this year, let’s take a look at his October mastery, which has really added a full season to his 18-year career. (All the stats I cite here come from Read the rest of this entry »