Eric Hosmer smashed George Brett’s team record for post-season RBI

28 10 2015

I love the good, old days, especially in baseball.

But love for the good, old days gets in the way of accurate reporting. When Joe Buck, as fierce a nostalgist as you’ll find in any broadcast booth, announced Tuesday night that Eric Hosmer had broken George Brett‘s franchise record for career post-season RBI, Buck had to note that we play more post-season rounds now (so the records from way back when supposedly mean more).

I love George Brett. I stood to applaud him in Royals Stadium (before it became Kaufman) more times than I can remember.

But let’s get the fact straight: We do have more rounds of the post-season now, but Brett played in the post-season seven different years. Hosmer is in his second post-season.

Here are the facts: George Brett drove his 23 post-season runs home in 43 games. Hosmer drove his 25th post-season run home Monday night (winning the game in the 14th inning). That was his 27th post-season game. Update: Two hours after I posted this, Hosmer got this 26th and 27th RBI in his 28th post-season games. Read the rest of this entry »