2015 World Series echoes Mets’ and Royals’ mid-’80s classics

1 11 2015

The challenges and opportunities of this World Series continue to echo those from 1985 and ’86, the last two times the Royals and Mets won.

I blogged Friday comparing the 2015 Royals to the 1986 Red Sox, after Jim Brady noted the first similarity to the ’80s (third straight day I’ve used this tweet in a post):

A win Friday night set the Mets on the course Jim wanted. He gladly retweeted this ’80s echo from a fellow Mets fan:

The Royals’ win last night (in contrast to the ’86 Mets, who tied the Series in Game Four), set up a another fascinating and coincidental parallel to those Back to the Future days:

Of course, each of those World Series is burned into the hearts and memories of the four teams’ fans, particularly because of Game Six. The ’85 Royals scored two runs in the ninth to win, 2-1, and the ’86 Mets scored three in the 10th to win, 6-5.

Jeff Edelstein, a former mutual colleague of Jim’s and mine, was clinging to hope in the ninth inning last night, again remembering Game Six in ’86:

Each of those mid-’80s Series featured a 1960s expansion team, taking on a storied original major-league franchise.

Say “Game Six” to a Mets fan or a Royals fan and you don’t have to say which year. They know what you mean. The Royals lost in six games to the Phillies in ’80, but fans were excited that year just to be playing. Memories of that Game Six have faded with time, the pain eased in ’85. After a 29-year absence from the World Series, the Royals returned last year and lost to the Giants, but Game Seven is the one fans will always remember. Game Six means only 1985 to a Royals’ fan. Read the rest of this entry »