Eric Hosmer smashed George Brett’s team record for post-season RBI

28 10 2015

I love the good, old days, especially in baseball.

But love for the good, old days gets in the way of accurate reporting. When Joe Buck, as fierce a nostalgist as you’ll find in any broadcast booth, announced Tuesday night that Eric Hosmer had broken George Brett‘s franchise record for career post-season RBI, Buck had to note that we play more post-season rounds now (so the records from way back when supposedly mean more).

I love George Brett. I stood to applaud him in Royals Stadium (before it became Kaufman) more times than I can remember.

But let’s get the fact straight: We do have more rounds of the post-season now, but Brett played in the post-season seven different years. Hosmer is in his second post-season.

Here are the facts: George Brett drove his 23 post-season runs home in 43 games. Hosmer drove his 25th post-season run home Monday night (winning the game in the 14th inning). That was his 27th post-season game. Update: Two hours after I posted this, Hosmer got this 26th and 27th RBI in his 28th post-season games.

Buck should have noted how amazing Hosmer’s clutch hitting has been in the post-season, not minimizing the achievement. Maybe he’ll get to 43 post-season games in fewer seasons than Brett did. At this pace, he’ll have 39 RBI by then. Update: Now he’s on pace for 41 RBI by his 43rd post-season game.

Brett is the greatest Royal of all time, and I doubt that Hosmer or any current Royal will ever surpass his career achievements. But Hosmer’s the best at driving home runs in October, and I’m sure Brett would gladly say that. Buck should say it. Sometimes the accurate context for something happening now is best-ever.

Who next? I didn’t plan to take an accuracy theme this week in my baseball blog, but I’ve picked on the New York Times and Fox Sports now. Anyone else whose accuracy I should challenge in their World Series coverage?

Source note: The statistics cited here come from



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