Thurman Munson belongs in the Hall of Fame

6 01 2010

Congratulations to Andre Dawson on election to the Hall of Fame. More on that later. With today’s announcement of this year’s Hall of Fame, I want to write about one of the most outrageous failures by the narrow-minded baseball writers who choose their favorite players for the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame should include the greatest players at each position. And you can’t come up with an accurate list of the greatest catchers ever that doesn’t include Thurman Munson.

I should state at the outset that I am not arguing for any breaks for Munson based on his shortened career. He would have accumulated greater offensive statistics if he hadn’t died in a 1979 plane crash. But the Munson argument for the Hall of Fame is not based on what might have been. He belongs in the Hall of Fame based on the career he had.

Compare Munson to the 13 catchers in the Hall of Fame: Read the rest of this entry »